PADI Divemaster, DSD Leader, PADI Skin Diver Instructor

Being 35 and having spent over a third of my life as a British Paratrooper, I experienced life in the fast lane. Not just on operations, but in sports, such as Rugby, Hockey, Rock climbing, sailing and skiing to name a few. All of these I rose to very high standards, whilst also competing in Rugby and Hockey at Army level.


Now I've moved to the Caribbean I've slowed my pace and enjoy spending time in and on the sea. Still after so many dives it baffles me that there are so many tiny creatures that manage to survive in that big ocean surrounded by predators.


I enjoy Freediving and sailing as well as spending time on SCUBA. I am currently a full time member of the Island Dive team as a PADI Divemaster, I look after the boat and equipment.