Ever wondered how the Caribbean used to be?? Well, that's what they say about Montserrat... roll back the clock 20 something years, forget about the high rise appartment blocks, don't look for the shopping malls or chain restaurant outlets. You won't find any of that here!


Montserrat, tagged the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean, gets the title as much from it's lush green hills as it does from it's Irish heritage.


Fruit grows in abundance across the hills, it's sinful how many magoes you could count escaping, rolling from the trees in season. Guava, mango, Starfruit, Passionfruit, Coconut, Bananas and Plantain, to name but a few, grow wild across Montserrat, not to mention the Breadfruit, MamyApple, Golden Apple, Tamarind, Almonds... the list could go on!


With the local animal shelter keeping a handle on the stray dog and cat population, other animals can thrive! Mostly reptiles like Iguanas and Ground Lizards but also the endemic Mountain Chicken and Woodslave Gekko. We also have wild chickens, goats and sheep roaming the land with wild donkeys and pigs further up in the hills. Many of the animals are a product of farm animals surviving and running loose after the volcanic eruptions, but a few generations on, they're no longer prized livestock, more another part of Montserrat culture.


Let's not forget about the birdlife! Montserrat's hills are home to the rare, endemic and well hidden Oriole. Once you recognise the call, you know to move quietly for a chance glimpse of the illusive bird! As well as a plethora of mountain and coastal birds, we also see the migratory Osprey taking a rest in the shelter of the cliffs when the season is right!


Montserrat has some pretty talented chefs that work these delightful fruits of the land to provide you with Food to Eat and a dish to enjoy, you just have to know where to find them. We have a few suggestions that might whet your appetite to explore the culinary delights Montserrat has on offer.


Once you have been to Montserrat once, you will want to come back! During your time on Montserrat you'll find plenty of Places To Stay, each with something a little different, that will make you want to book your next visit before you leave! There's a few options you may or may not have considred.